Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast

Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast

Innovative Production Tools: Shaping the Future of Filmmaking

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Industry Insights – The EFM Podcast is presented by the European Film Market of the Berlinale. Hosted by strategist, conference curator, moderator & speaker AC Coppens, it delves deep into the rapidly evolving film industry.

In this episode, EFM Startups Alumni Kate Wilson, Volha Paulovich, and John Mahtani delve into the realm of innovative tools for the film industry. They share valuable insights on recognising and responding to industry needs, as well as navigating the challenges of introducing new tools to the market. Additionally, they express their perspectives on current developments in the film industry and discuss maintaining a balance between technical advancements and fostering creativity.

Volha Paulovich is a dynamic force in the world of technology and storytelling, combining her passion for both to create truly awe-inspiring experiences. With an impressive background in advertising, game development, and commercial video production, she has honed her skills in crafting captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact. As a co-founder of PentoPix, Volha is currently at the helm of a team that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way stories are brought to life. By seamlessly transforming movie scripts into editable 3D animated videos, she is spearheading a new era of creativity and efficiency. PentoPix has gained worldwide recognition and support from esteemed film studios, directors, producers, and renowned film festivals such as the European Film Festival, Berlinale, and SXSW, where it has claimed double awards for being the best in entertainment, media, and content. Volha's unwavering dedication to innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling make her a true trailblazer in her field.

John Mahtani is a Chartered Accountant with commercial & financial experience within the Media industry, extensive global network across Europe, North America, Middle East, & Asia. He held corporate roles at Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures, before Co-founding Cinelab London. Currently John is the CEO of Drylab Media Tech group plc - a SAAS platform servicing film and tv productions globally.

Kate Wilson works in film and TV as a writer, producer and consultant. She worked with the Film and TV Charity on their mental health project and Covid relief strategy, raising more than £9M from industry partners. She is a graduate of UCLA and RADA and a Member of the Bar of England and Wales.

The host AC Coppens is a strategist, conference curator, host, moderator & speaker. They founded THE CATALYSTS, an agency for innovative & creative players working at the crossing of Digital Tech, Film/XR, Music/Sound, Design & Culture, to turn conferences into sites of knowledge exchange and co-creation.

The Berlinale’s European Film Market is the first international film market of the year, where the film industry starts its business. Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast puts a spotlight on highly topical and trendsetting industry issues, thereby creating a compass for the forthcoming film year. The year-round podcast is produced in cooperation with Goethe-Institut and co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA.


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About this podcast

Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast is about and for the entertainment industry. The podcast features long episodes as a year-round series, with short episodes to be aired only during the five-day virtual event of the EFM 2021. As the first international film market of the year, the European Film Market is where the film industry starts its business of the year. Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast will put the spotlight on highly topical and trendsetting industry issues, thereby creating a compass for the forthcoming film year. The podcast will feature in-depth analyses of the film industry’s contemporary challenges and strategies in order to tap into the most dynamic debates. Together with our partner Goethe-Institut, Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast will be covering the most pressing strategic industry topics such as digitizing the business and diversity & inclusion as well as social, environmental and economic sustainability and the power of community building.

Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast is one of the Berlinale podcasts and is provided in cooperation with Goethe-Institut.

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